Dive Mafia – not your ordinary dive center!!!

Mafia Island offers East Africa’s most beautiful diving along with a whole range of excursions to discover the unspoilt nature of Mafia and its surrounding islands. Diving Mafia is rewarding to one and all. The inner reefs (protected from the seas) of Mafia feature amazing nudibranchs, seahorses and an incredible diversity of marine life. The outside reefs (facing the open ocean) are home to hundreds of species of marine life, but also some incredible pelagic species – not the least of which are Manta Rays, Sharks, Turtles and Whale Sharks.

Mafia is also home to a large nesting population of turtles and annual hatchings are protected by several different agencies. The number of hatching turtles over the past years has increased which is great news for these endangered species.

There is also an active Whale Shark tagging program off Mafia that helps track and undertand the Whale Shark population. This species is so misunderstood that no one even knows how many there are! So these tagging programs are very important in helping establish how rare they are and getting further endangered status.

Sea Swallow off Mafia Island from the Dive Mafia team

One of the most amazing finds in recent years was the population of Sea Swallows. These are among the rarest and most exotic of the nudibranch family…they are pelagic and feed on Portugese Man-o-Wars.



As we say here – When you dive with the dive mafia, you’ll never leave!!!